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SyncHits and its Music-As-A-Service (MaaS)™ Platform are part of Audiosocket’s family of brands. Whether you’re a creator looking for music to bring your visions to life, or a developer needing music for your own app, game or site, we have a solution just for you!

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Web Licensing



Easily discover and license new music from trending bands and artists with Audiosocket's catalog of over 100,000 songs and sound effects.

Built for small businesses and the booming creator economy, Audiosocket is a simple, self-serve solution with flexible single-track licensing and unlimited music subscriptions.

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Broadcast + All Media Rights



ASX is Audiosocket’s Exclusive arm and a premium music catalog for trailers, film, TV, advertising, promos, and games. Our credits include HBO, Disney, Monster Energy, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and more.

Connect with a dedicated music sync professional and get VIP access to explore ASX’s premium production music. 

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Developers & Partner Integrations

Music-As-A-Service (MaaS)™/month


Discover the simplest way to offer your users a catalog of pre-cleared songs and sound effects.

Build a custom integration using our MaaS API or get started immediately with our plug-and-play Storefront.

BETA plans start at $199 per month.

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Metaverse Music Solutions

Music In The Metaverse/month


Heading into the Metaverse? You’ll need music!

With our bespoke music solutions for developers, our team empowers yours to design immersive musical experiences and journeys in your virtual worlds.

Let us curate a signature sound, create soundscapes or book virtual live performances for your Metaverse.

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Music-As-A-Service MaaS (MaaS)Platform: API, Storefront & Toolkit

As the innovators of “Music as a Service”, we launched the MaaS™ platform in 2012 to offer hassle-free music licensing and revenue share opportunities for our partners. We offer three unique services: MaaS API, MaaS Storefront and MaaS Toolkit. 


Use MaaS API to integrate music into your products or services. Our music and Sound Effects are licensed for ANY use, giving you the flexibility to use the catalog within your tools, apps, games and virtual worlds. Stream it, sync it or sell it to your users. MaaS API gives you the freedom to customize the designs, features, search functionality, file formats and delivery options.

MaaS Storefront

Our Storefront Solution offers a fully hosted, completely customizable, partner-branded version of our sister site, audiosocket.com.

MaaS Toolkit

MaaS Toolkit offers a large catalog of amazing music and all of the A.I. bells and whistles for developers to build flexible, immersive music experiences into their apps, games, creator platforms, metaverses and more.

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Partner Solutions

We partner with great companies to supply premium music for their products and services. Whether you have a video editing software, a fitness app, or a gaming platform, we can provide you with the best music for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MaaS (Music as a Service)?

MaaS (Music as a Service)™ is a music search and licensing technology that lets our media partners provide music licensing solutions to their end users. Your users can search, stream, and sync tens of thousands of pre-cleared tracks from our quality roster of bands and award-winning composers.

MaaS™ is fundamentally designed for a seamless integration into a variety of platforms including gaming, mobile, video editing and AR/VR sites. With MaaS™ you can deliver over 80,000 unique tracks, for use in any media.

What is MaaS™ Storefront?

MaaS™ Storefront offers digital media partners a hosted, individually-branded, and customizable version of our sister site audiosocket.com.

Storefront is hosted by Audiosocket and eliminates the need for integration on the partner’s end. Just provide your brand guidelines, and our team will "skin" a Storefront to match your brand identity.  

For filmmakers and content creators, the MaaS™ Storefront provides a plug-and-play web presence. Storefront delivers affordable, copyright-compliant music for immediate discovery and licensing for any partner site or platform.

Have questions about MaaS™ Storefront? Please get in touch.

What is Audiosocket's family of brands?

Audiosocket's family of brands include SyncHits, ASX and Audiosocket. Each brand uniquely serves a different clientele depending on the type of licensing needs.

Audiosocket offers creators and small businesses an easy way to secure web licenses for content published online.

ASX serves large businesses, networks, trailer houses, media studios and other customers in need of music licenses for Film, TV, Broadcast and additional extended media rights. ASX also has an exclusive catalog of premium film and tv music with a dedicated sales staff offering white glove services.

SyncHits services enterprise clients and developers through direct integrations and partnerships. With SyncHits, platform providers can offer their end-users over 100,000 songs and sound effects directly from their app, game or website.

What genres and styles of music does MaaS offer?

MaaS offers over 250 genres of music such as: pop, rock, electronic, hip-hop, orchestral, ambient, jazz, world, and classical. Find the right music for your apps, games, and more, with trending tracks and a broad selection. Create immersive experiences across styles and genres.

Are there APIs available to simplify the integration process?

Yes, via our API developers can seamlessly integrate music playback, metadata retrieval, search, and more into their apps or platforms.

Is the music in the MaaS catalog royalty-free, or will I need to pay additional fees for usage?

Not all the music in the MaaS catalog is royalty-free. Additional fees may apply for usage. Licensing agreements and fees vary. Please review terms to understand usage rights or contact support@audiosocket.com

Can I customize the music playback, such as volume, looping, or transitioning between tracks?

Yes, you can customize music playback and all features within your product. Control volume, looping, and track transitions. Enhance audio balance, create continuous loops, and switch seamlessly between tracks. Tailor music to apps, games, metaverses, and more for immersive user experiences.

What is the level of customer support provided by MaaS, and are there any resources or documentation available for developers?

MaaS provides customer support, resources, and documentation for developers. The level of support depends on the terms of your agreement. Explore the developer docs or reach out for assistance if you have any questions.

Can I use MaaS to integrate music into both offline and online experiences within my project?

MaaS offers versatile music integrations across platforms, devices, and environments and you may use MaaS in both online and offline experiences per the terms of your agreement. Please get in touch with us to discuss these Terms and secure the needed rights to support your products.

What does MaaS cost?

We offer non-commercial, commercial and enterprise pricing options. Our non-commercial plans, for example, start at $199 per month for personal / social purposes. This plan can be used by companies with fewer than 10K users and less than 1 Million in annual revenue, for up to 12-months.

Our commercial and enterprise plans vary based on factors such as usage and how the product is monetized. We have flexible plans which include pay-per-use, unlimited blankets and revenue sharing.

What is Maas™ API?

MaaS™ API enables any digital media company to deliver music to their end-users via a direct integration.

Our API enables our partners to build a custom music solution, to suit any use-case, directly into their site or platform.

You control all the design, features, search functionality, file formats and delivery.

Have questions about MaaS™ API? Please get in touch.

I'm a Developer, can I use MaaS™?
How extensive is the music catalog available through MaaS™?
Can I preview the tracks before integrating them into my project?
Are there any limitations or restrictions on how the music can be used within my project?
How does MaaS handle in-app music purchases or sublicensing for user-generated content?
Is it possible to create custom playlists or collections of tracks for specific user experiences or in-app events?
Can I use the music from MaaS for promotional materials, such as trailers or social media posts?
How does MaaS ensure the security and privacy of the music and user data within my project?

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